Welcome to the New TribulationTattoo.com!


Tribulation Tattoo shop interior.

     As we approach the shop's five-year anniversary in New York's East Village, a lot of things have been changing at Tribulation Tattoo. Change, however, is an important part of artistic growth and a gateway to exciting new things...

     The biggest change at Tribulation is that one of our founding partners, Liorcifer, has moved on and opened a private studio, Infernum Tattoo. After working with Lior for the last ten years, both at the shop and traveling to conventions around the world, it is a bit strange to not see his face every day. However, we wish him all the best and nothing but success with his new venture.

     Another big change is the look of the shop itself. As our artistic styles are evolving constantly, we decided to make a break with the past and give the shop a new look. The red walls and strange yellow tiles have been replaced by a more modern grey and black aesthetic. So far the response to the new look has been very positive and we plan to make it even better.

     The Tribulation website has been updated to reflect the new beginning at the shop as well, with a sleeker, simplified interface and look. There are also a few new features, with more coming in the future. 

     The most notable new additions to the site are the shop and artist blogs, and the Tribulation video gallery. The blogs will be a good way to keep up with news at the shop as well as any upcoming projects, events we will be attending, or features about our work. With the growing social nature of the tattoo industry, we felt these additions will help give a little more insight into Tribulation Tattoo and what we're about. 

     Stay tuned for more exciting developments and be sure to follow Tribulation Tattoo on Facebook and Instagram!

~Tim and Dan